Amour du Soleil - Ukraine
Amour du Soleil - Ukraine

Amour du Soleil - Ukraine

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This charm was made to raise money for the children of Ukraine.

Tatyana Zhuravel, an artist on our team, was born in Polonne, the Khmelnisky region in Ukraine. Her family & friends share stories of their daily reality as she listens with tears from NYC. Directing our heartache into art, we created the ‘Amour du Soleil Ukraine’ charm. The charm represents love and freedom. Imbued with Ukrainian heritage, the blue and yellow enamel signify the sky and wheat in an ombré that is reminiscent of the wheat fields in the countryside. The gold side has engraved the coat of arms.

100% of the proceeds go to ‘Save the Children’ Ukraine. Thank you for your support 💛💙

Available in: 14K yellow gold & enamel
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